Your tools are old, and you waste lots of time babysitting
instruments and manually entering data.

We’ve found a better way.

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Be more productive

Science is all about data; that typically means repetitive tasks. We’ve eliminated this pain with productivity software made by scientists, for scientists.

Now you can research without the pain of repetition.

Typical amount of time it takes to get mass data for a collection of samples

With TetraScience
Without TetraScience

Never babysit your instruments again

Your experiments typically take time to run, and a lot of your time is wasted waiting for reactions to complete, or for samples to dry.

TetraScience lets you stop babysitting your experiments by letting you easily set alerts for your experiments. This way, you can multitask while you wait for your syringe pumps, or get informed when your reaction temperature has gone off the rails.

A one-stop-shop for historical data

We keep a history of data from your instruments the moment TetraScience is installed. This allows you to retroactively determine if your samples have been compromised in the past, eliminating one variable in interpreting your experimental results.

Our software's user interface helps you dive deep into your data, and export snapshots straight into your ELN, or download them to a format that works with your own analytical tools.

Export to ELN

At the click of a button

Export as CSV

For your own analysis

Export as PDF

Send to your colleagues

Keep your gloves on. Our products are lab friendly

All of our software interfaces are designed to be used without a mouse or keyboard. Just bring your tablet, and a stylus, and improve your workflow with a few simple swipes and taps.

Research better today!

Increase your productivity, collect your data digitally, reduce rework, and stop fussing with your notebooks.

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We are a popular solution for various workflows including


  pH monitoring

  Scale-up reactions


  Flow chemistry

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