Revolutionary + Evolutionary.


TetraScience has built a powerful combination of hardware and software using the most robust & modern technologies.  We've engineered our technology to bring the most sophisticated web-based capabilities to nearly any scientific instrument you use, no matter how old or new.






The TetraScience Link


The TetraScience Link is an internet connected device that logs onto your existing WiFi network and acts as a cloud-enabler hub for all your scientific instruments.


Instruments are connected to the TetraScience Link via USB, and a series of custom-made adaptors. The software within the Link receives data streams from the instruments and automatically streams it into the TetraScience database, making it accessible through our web-based cloud software, the TetraScience Web Dashboard.


The TetraScience Link is compatible with many different open protocols, and simply “bolts on” to your instruments. This gives the Link the ability to obtain data from an impressively wide variety of instrumentation.


Multiple Supported Protocols

USB          UART     I2C      GPIO

Modbus   RS232/485       Video  


Examples of Supported Instruments


K-type thermocouples

USB-connected cameras  

Digital Hot Plates

Mass Balances Digital Syringe Pumps 

Shaking Incubators 

Thermal Controllers 

PCR Machines

Power Sources 

Heating Blocks 

Various Sensors (CO2, Humidity, O2, Airflow) 



Tech Specs


4x USB Ports

5V DC Adaptor 

802.11b/g/n WiFi 

Bluetooth LE (4.0)