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Your research is only as good as your data, but despite being on the cutting-edge in science, your data collection tools haven’t changed for decades. Leading researchers love modernizing their scientific process with us. We can help you too.

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Flow Chemistry

Synthesizing new compounds by continuous flow requires coordinating and tracking several multiple different instruments - pumps, sensors, and analytical devices, etc. Having a unified control strategy and data logging system improves productivity, accuracy, and reproducibility of flow chemistry experiments.

Control Strategy

Orchestrating the numerous devices used in a flow chemistry experiment is challenging. With TetraScience, you can use one purpose-built dashboard to control each important parameter: flow rate, set points, fractionation, etc.

Real-time Alerts

Continuous processes often deviate at the least opportune time. We can send alerts (SMS/email) when a failure occurs so that you can avoid laborious experimental re-work.

Timestamped data logging

You can gather, tabulate, and export timestamped, accurate data for any of your experiments. Our system records all values so you can revisit historical trends at your leisure.

Process Chemistry

Scaling up chemistry is a tough, but important job. From medicines to plastics, process chemists have to scout for new synthetic routes, understand the behavior of the large-scale reactions. TetraScience provides you with a mission control for your ongoing chemical experiments so you can track, in real-time, important variables (e.g. temperature, pH, stir rate, etc.), control your instrument (e.g. flow rate, heating set points, etc.), and log all data.

Deliver Projects Faster

Orchestrating the numerous devices used in a flow chemistry experiment is challenging. Time is valuable. With TetraScience, you can perform multiple experiments simultaneously, gather more data per experiment, and avoid disastrous deviations that delay timelines.

Continuous Data Capture

Long-running experiments can be difficult to track and log data from. Our software stores continuously your experimental data from each instrument or sensor such that you can draw accurate scientific conclusions.

Real-time View

Important reactions happen all the time. Use your mobile, tablet, or PC to view the current performance of your experiment from anywhere.


From peptides to pigments, weighing is one of the most manual parts of the scientific workflow. We take this pain away with our sampling, counting, and drying programs, which allows you to collect sample data from your mass balance at the touch of a button.

Typical amount of time it takes to get mass data for a collection of samples

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All of our software interfaces are designed to be used without a mouse or keyboard. Just bring your tablet, and a stylus, and improve your workflow with a few simple swipes and taps.

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