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Introducing TetraScience Utilization

We are excited to announce that TetraScience Utilization is now out of beta and boasts a number of key features that will fundamentally change the way that you run your lab.

With TetraScience Utilization, we are expanding from monitoring environmental parameters (e.g., temperature, CO2, RH%) to providing business insights around the utilization of capital equipment. TetraScience Utilization gives you a competitive advantage as you look for new ways to optimize operational efficiency and get your products to market faster.

Optimizing capital expenditures (CapEx) is one major lever for increasing efficiency. Major lab purchase decisions are commonly made using anecdotal evidence about instrument usage. For example, “María in Analytical Chemistry says that they need another mass spec because the two they have have been booked straight for 6 months.” TetraScience Utilization enables budget owners to evaluate these kinds of anecdotes against utilization trend data and make intelligent purchase decisions, saving your company millions of dollars.

Why does it matter?

We have discussed in earlier blog posts some of the problems of relying on anecdotes in lab CapEx decision making. Anecdotal evidence is unreliable, unscalable to gather, and quickly becomes obsolete. Leveraging TetraScience Utilization takes the imprecision out of CapEx and enables you to

  • Justify postponing new capital expenditures
  • Reduce service contract tiers (e.g., reduce top tier "gold" plan to medium tier "silver" plan)
  • Reduce frequency of preventative maintenance (PM)
  • Redeploy or sell underutilized equipment that is rapidly depreciating in value
  • Optimize scheduling of instrument use
  • Proactively identify instrument failures before they happen
  • Proactively identify instruments that need additional preventative maintenance

Each of items on its own already has major implications to your bottom line and TetraScience Utilization surfaces the insights to cover all of them for a massive ROI across your organization.

How does it work?

TetraScience non-invasively clamps a power meter to the power line of targeted instruments. Leveraging the time series wattage data from the power meter, TetraScience is able to determine when an instrument is used vs. idle/off and surface utilization insights within the Utilization Reporting UI and exportable reports.

Product Features

TetraScience Utilization boasts a number of powerful features to help you meet your operational efficiency objectives.

Flexible reporting UI

The most striking feature of TetraScience Utilization is the reporting UI that lets you extremely quickly explore Utilization trends using custom time ranges, instrument metadata groupings, and custom filters. The time range selector allows you to examine Utilization trends at any point in the year.

mass spectrometer laboratory instrument utilization trend data

By comparing instruments within groups and across time periods, you can quickly identify which instruments are ripe for redeployment, service contract reduction, or lifecycling out. You can also identify which classes of instruments are used very heavily and might be worth servicing more often or augmenting with a new purchase that you can confidently justify using Utilization insights.

Heatmap that shows usage patterns

Our heatmap visualization allows you to quickly identify when instruments are used most heavily and least heavily in an average week to help optimize instrument scheduling.

mass spectrometer laboratory instrument utilization heatmap

CSV export

If you want the flexibility to do custom reporting using Excel or other tools, you can export CSVs containing Utilization estimates and instrument metadata.

laboratory instrument utilization custom data reporting

PDF reports

Everything you can see in the UI is also exportable as PDF reports. PDF reports are available for all instruments, specific instrument groups, and for individual instruments. PDF reports are great for sharing Utilization insights with internal stakeholders

laboratory instrument utilization custom data reporting

Get a demo today!

If making intelligent purchasing decisions matters to you and your organization, get a demo of TetraScience Utilization today.

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Matt Gray

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