Big wins for TetraScience community in 2017 ELITE 100

The 2017 PM360 Elite 100 represent the most Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers, and Entrepreneurs of the past year. As only a fraction of applicants are accepted, receiving an ELITE award is a huge honor. We are beyond thrilled to present a few of the 2017 ELITE who we are lucky to count as part of the TetraScience community.

Via PM360:

These elite, our ELITE, stand for greater patient empathy, improved outcomes, better communication, easier medication delivery, breakthrough science, organizational-wide improvements, and so much more. These ELITE stand apart as the best their respective fields have to offer. These ELITE take into consideration each and every one of the various people in healthcare (patients, caregivers, doctors, payers, and more) and work to make their lives a little easier—and hopefully a whole lot better.

Some of the big winners:

2017 ELITE Transformational Leader John Keilty | TetraScience Blog

John Keilty is many things: Educator, entrepreneur, and a world-class bioinformatics scientist. Though his broad, yet highly technical skillset is impressive in its own right, John is truly unique in his ability to turn that knowledge into actionable success, not just in his own career but for the multitude of startups and projects he has helped launch.

“Working in early stage companies is very risky and intense,” says entrepreneur Andy Palmer, most recently the CEO and Co-founder of Tamr. “John not only exceeds the expectations of world class scientists, but the way that he works with other people engenders trust and motivates those around him to go above and beyond what is required.” Read More

2017 ELITE Tech-Known Geek August Allen | TetraScience Blog

Just a few months into his job at Recursion Pharmaceuticals with success on a number of projects, August Allen was tasked with designing the company’s new automation platform—one that leverages the most advanced high-throughput biology and artificial intelligence to rapidly discover treatments for hundreds of diseases. That might seem formidable to anyone fresh out of college, but not for August.

With only co-op experience in automation, August selected and negotiated an integration project with HighRes Biosolutions for three robotic work cells—and increased the throughput of their assay by an order of magnitude. Read More

2017 ELITE Disruptor Matthew De Silva | TetraScience Blog

Using predictive analytics, an automated workcell, and dynamic scheduling (a specialized software), Notable Labs now screens thousands of combinations of FDA-approved drugs against a patient’s own cancer cells, and the technology helps identify drug combinations for each patient. And by repositioning treatment as a patient-centered service, the company aims to achieve the promise of combination therapy and personalized medicine. Now, screening that once took a day to complete takes less than 30 seconds—a remarkable, transformational achievement. Read More

2017 ELITE Transformational Leader John Keilty | TetraScience Blog

Transon Nguyen is on a mission to automate cancer screening. And with degrees in biomedical engineering from UC Irvine and mechanical engineering from MIT, he is well equipped for the role. As the Lead Engineer of Notable Labs, Transon puts his unique skillset to work every day as he leads the development of the robotic workcell at the core of the company’s high-throughput screening process.

Says David Dambman, Director of Engineering at BioSero Inc., “Transon is one of those rare renaissance engineers, able to tackle the complicated cross disciplinary challenges that need to be overcome to bring new and innovative solutions to market. His work designing, building, and continually evolving the hardware, software, and scientific platforms that drive the lifesaving work being done at Notable Labs is truly an inspiration to his co-workers, the industry, and to anyone following the amazing Notable Labs story.” Read More

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