A better way to do science.

We are an Internet of Things company founded by scientists and engineers from Harvard and MIT.  Our mission is to modernize research by bringing cloud software to the laboratory. We think the future of science starts by connecting all scientific equipment to the web.

Our Team

Alok Tayi, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Siping “Spin” Wang

Co-founder, CTO

Salvatore Savo, PhD

Co-founder, COO

Jordan Brigham

VP of Sales

Lindsey Christensen

Director of Marketing

Matt Gray

Director of Product

Alex Andersen

Senior Account Executive

Steve McCoy

Account Executive

Kai Wang

Software Engineer

Vincent Chan

Design Lead

Nenad Vukicevic

Software Engineer

Felipe Da Cruz

Chief of Staff

Kostadin Alargov

Application Engineer

Erika Tsutsumi

Application Engineer

Robin Shin

Product & Marketing Designer

Anne Fraysse

Junior QA Engineer at TetraScience

Chunfeng Dai

Software Engineer

Nick Simmonds

Senior Devops Engineer

Joe Goldbeck

Senior Software Engineer

Dave Saggese

Account Executive

Matt Kramer

Senior Account Executive

Kenneth Clemens

Business Development Representative

Bryan McGowan


Our Mission


Scientists make the world a better place: they design new medicines, safer chemicals, and greener plastics, to name a few. Though researchers are at the cutting edge of innovation, the tools provided to them have not changed in the past half-century.


As scientists ourselves, we are a dedicated team who have rallied around helping researchers remotely monitor, manage, and automate their experiments. Our thesis is straightforward: scientists deserve simple software that is easy-to-use and make their lives and research better. 

Our Investors

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